Is Your Closet Too Full?

January 21, 2014

Written by Tami Tolsma

A good friend recently made me aware that my closet was altogether too full.  It’s not that I am an avid or compulsive shopper; quite the contrary.  Rather, I was raised by my wonderful Dutch parents with the philosophy “Waste not, want not” ingrained within my being.  There have been times in the past when I recognized my closet was indeed too full, but when I attempted to go through it I came away with only one or two items that I was willing to part with.  This past weekend, my dear friend came to my room, sat me down, and proceeded to bring out every item of clothing I possess. “When was the last time you wore this?” and “When did you get this?” were among the questions I was expected to answer. If I hadn’t worn an item in the past year or if it was hopelessly out of style, my friend ruled that it was unlikely to benefit me in the future and it was put in an ever-growing pile to liquidate.  A few hours and several claims of “but that was my favorite shirt in high school!” later, we were left with a manageable amount of clothes in the closet and a large collection of ill-fitting shirts, vertically challenged pants, and various high school relics on the floor.

You may wonder why I’m rambling about clothes, but I was made aware through this experience of the great importance that an objective third-party influence brings to a situation. I’d already proven that I was emotionally attached to these things that weren’t benefitting me and I couldn’t bring myself to voluntarily take inventory of what needed to go. My friend was an invaluable help to me by giving me the push I needed to get started, and also giving the advice, guidance, and occasional unyielding force that I needed to achieve a goal I had set for myself.

We at HSC Wealth Advisors are the objective and independent friend that gives the unbiased advice that our clients need. You can trust us as a fiduciary to have you and your family’s best interest at heart.  You wouldn’t want to ask somebody with a conflict of interest to go through your closet, who was inwardly hoping to get their hands on everything they told you to give away.  We don’t sell products or give advice for our own advantage; we are in the business to ensure you make financially wise decisions and provide accountability that will provide value to you in the long run.  You may not have the time to worry about finances and we could benefit you by managing your financial concerns and freeing up your time.  We want to give you confidence that your financial situation has been reviewed by professionals and that you are on the right track to financial independence.

So if you need your financial “closet” gone through, give us a call and we’d be happy to help.  That’s why we exist.


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