Comprehensive Financial Services on a Fee-Only Basis

HSC Wealth Advisors has provided trusted, comprehensive wealth management and financial planning services on a fee-only basis to clients in Virginia and beyond for over 30 years. Our mission is to build relationships that improve clients’ financial resources, while also providing the peace of mind that comes from partnering with competent professionals who practice the highest standards of ethics, integrity and objectivity.

At HSC Wealth Advisors, our fee-only approach puts your financial interests where they belong: first.

Financial Planning Services

Sound financial planning requires attention to every area of your lifestyle, from retirement and education planning to insurance analysis and charitable giving. HSC Wealth Advisors provides our clients with objective advice using extensive industry knowledge, depth and breadth of expertise. We put your best interests behind every decision, and that’s why we only accept compensation from our clients — never from product sponsors.

Retirement Planning Services

Although saving early and saving often are excellent retirement planning habits, weathering turbulent markets with principle and gains intact is essential for long term security. Clients who have been with HSC Wealth Advisors tell us that a significant portion of our value comes from our practical advice during all market conditions.

Tax Planning Services

As your lifestyle and investments change, so do your tax planning needs. HSC Wealth Advisors can help you minimize your tax liability with careful, expert planning that addresses income withholding, asset purchases and sales, and wealth transfer needs. When appropriate, HSC Wealth Advisors will leverage our network of tax and legal professionals to help you reach your financial planning goals.

Investment Management Services

HSC Wealth Advisors doesn’t take possession of your assets but instead selects a custodian such as Schwab or Fidelity. We act as the advisor for our clients’ current and future investments — we take into account potential tax consequences and long term planning goals. Our investment management advisory service begins with in-depth education and an explanation of our investment philosophy and methodology, which helps clients understand the basis for future decisions.

Education Planning Charitable Giving

For many HSC Wealth Advisors clients, education planning is a top priority. Our firm can help your family plan tax-advantaged investment vehicles as well as reposition existing assets. We have the knowledge to help you avoid costly mistakes and maximize potential savings.

Charitable giving is a habit that many HSC Wealth Advisor clients practice. We can help you build a philanthropic legacy that is tax-efficient as well as beneficial for your chosen causes and goals.

A Trusted, Fee-Only Wealth Management Firm

HSC Wealth Advisors puts your interests first. Our financial planning services are rooted in expertise, loyalty and integrity, so we earn the trust of every client we work with. Let us build a fiduciary relationship that will keep your interests secure for generations to come.

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