Investing for Young Professionals

Calculating Business InvestmentSavings and Investing for Young Professionals

Our savings program for young professionals provides beginners with guidance and advice on establishing a solid financial foundation for the future.  Our goal is to help professionals, who haven’t started investing, answer the question: How do I start investing?

Often, the answer to this question will make investing seem overwhelming.  But at HSC Wealth Advisors, we aim to make it easy by giving you advice and helping you to manage your money.

When you enter your career and start to hit your stride in your position, money management isn’t necessarily the first thing on your mind, and when it does become a concern, you begin to think it’s too late.  But we’re here to help you realize that isn’t true—and we’ll establish a partnership with you that will help you gain financial success.

Generally if you’re a young professional interested in investing, you don’t have access to dedicated financial partnerships. Most financial advisors specialize in helping retirees invest their life savings, which is why we started our program to help you manage your money.


This service is designed for young professionals in their 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s that have the desire to:

  • Save aggressively (maximize your retirement accounts)
  • Pay down debt (with style)
  • Remain disciplined with their savings goals (we will hold you accountable, without judgment!)
  • Work with a CFP® Professional (expertise meets personality)

Benefits for Young Professionals

As a part of our young professional’s savings program you will work with our team to learn not only how to manage your money and start investing but:

  • Establish savings and debt repayment goals that will enable you to accumulate at a minimum, $1,000,000 in 15 years or less.
  • Determine tax saving strategies that will save you taxes now and in the future.
  • Develop the proper investment mix and build a diversified.
  • Keep a “rainy day” fund for unexpected emergencies that could arise such as car repairs, medical bills, home repairs, etc.
  • Review and analyze your insurance coverage – It should be affordable and appropriate coverage.
  • Establish financial goals for your future such as saving to purchase a new car, starting an education fund for your child, paying off student loans, estate plans for your family, etc.
  • Review your employee benefits.

Commitment / Cost:

As a new client you will have the option to meet with us multiple times during the first year to:

  • Develop and assess goals and objectives
  • Establish an investment policy statement to build a diversified investment portfolio
  • Setup your plan – New accounts / Transfers/ setting up automatic savings plans (we partner with Charles Schwab and Fidelity)
  • Implement strategies that improve your entire financial picture

In addition we will have a yearly check-up and reassessment along with meetings to review goal completion and to assess life changes (face to face, in person, or electronically).  After all, when you achieve a goal, we want to be able to congratulate you on your achievements—whether it is a financial goal or just a life goal in general.

The fee for young professionals taking part in a savings program with HSC Wealth Advisors is 1% annually of the investments managed.  The fee is assessed quarterly at .25%.

To see the benefit of these services, read our Young Professionals Case Study.