Insurance Analysis

Knowledgeable Insurance Consultants in Virginia and Beyond

Insurance is an important part of any long term financial plan, and finding out that you don’t have the coverage you need can be devastating. For many HSC Wealth Advisors clients, the peace of mind that comes with customized insurance coverage is irreplaceable. Our Virginia-based insurance analysis team can help you determine whether or not you have adequate coverage, and if your existing coverage is costing you too much money.

Insurance Analysis

The team at HSC Wealth Advisors includes licensed insurance consultants who provide insurance analysis to clients  on an as-needed basis. Unlike other advisors that receive fees in exchange for selling a particular product, HSC Wealth Advisors does not accept commissions or compensation from any insurance company we recommend to you. This no-fee philosophy also extends to our investment vehicles, and it’s one of the reasons our clients stay with us through multiple market cycles.

Too many people purchase insurance, especially life insurance, without adequately analyzing their current and future expenses. HSC Wealth Advisors will perform a thorough needs analysis that will quantify your family’s immediate, ongoing and future expenses. These expenses may include paying off your mortgage, establishing a college fund for your children, or assuring your spouse’s ability to quit working.


Our team will also evaluate your existing assets, tax considerations, future investments and household budget. We will then recommend an insurance plan that provides for these needs while also saving you the hassle of researching the lowest premiums and most reliable coverage on your own.

The HSC Wealth Advisors Mission and Philosophy

HSC Wealth Advisors is a premier financial management firm providing comprehensive, fee-only advisement services in the areas of insurance analysis, retirement planning, wealth management, education planning, tax and estate planning, trust management and charitable giving.

Our fiduciary standard lets us build relationships with our clients that help them set and achieve their own lifestyle goals. The personalized advice we provide offers clarity and peace of mind, because the legacy we help our clients build is for their own best interests — not ours. Our clients feel confident staying with us through volatile market conditions because they know we have helped them create a diversified portfolio built to withstand turbulence.

The HSC Wealth Advisors Team

Our insurance consultants and analysts serve Virginia and beyond, and we provide our clients with decades of expertise, outstanding professional qualifications and a strict adherence to our mission and investment philosophy. Our team employs rigorous standards of integrity, ethics and objectivity when making recommendations that affect the well being of you and your family. Let HSC Wealth Advisors help you grow and preserve your wealth legacy for generations to come. Contact us today and get the help you need!