Our Mission & Philosophies


HSC Wealth Advisors’ mission is to build long-term relationships that improve your life through astute and efficient stewardship of your financial resources. Our planning and investment counsel brings customized direction, clarity, and peace of mind to your life and legacy.

Core Values

We believe God has placed us on this Earth to glorify Him in our lives. One avenue of this expression is the wise and prudent stewardship of the talents and resources with which He has blessed us.

We believe in using the highest degree of objectivity, integrity, and ethical standards while requiring professionalism and competence among our staff.

We believe in practicing as fiduciaries, always acting in our client’s best interest. We are “Fee-Only”; we sell no products and accept no commissions. We are loyal to our clients.

Wealth Management Philosophy

We strongly believe in financial education – we want you to be a better educated consumer as you go down the road of life and are faced with various financial decisions. Wise use of your financial resources is crucial to meeting your life goals and objectives. That is why HSC Wealth Advisors uses a holistic approach to address your financial situation.

Everyone’s financial life is different and decisions made in one area of your life are inter-connected with all the other areas of your life. We help you determine where you are now financially and where you want to be in the future.  We look at coordinating your financial decisions so that your goals are met in the process.

Wealth management is the marriage of comprehensive planning and the management of your money. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to tax and estate planning, insurance planning, retirement/income planning and college savings planning. Combine this with astute management of your money and goals can be realized!

We work with you to implement your plan and remain your partner through periodic reviews and checkups. We act in your best interest and do not receive commissions, bonuses or incentives.

Investment Philosophy

HSC Wealth Advisors is principally concerned with how the investment of your assets fits into your lives. It is our highest concern that your investments should work for you, not the other way around. We strive to give you the ability to “sleep well at night” even during turbulent markets, as you exercise your responsibilities of stewardship of your resources.

To implement this philosophy, we maximize diversification of assets by operating in a wide variety of markets. This level of diversity is achieved using a highly expanded portfolio of mutual funds. These funds are organized into an asset allocation specifically designed to accomplish long term client goals. Most often, the breadth of diversity is such that portions of the portfolio are rising while other parts are falling. In response to major shifts of momentum of each market, we then rebalance client portfolios, selling some of what is up to buy some of what is down. In this way, you can rest assured that even during severe market corrections portfolio management actions are working in the long term best interests of accomplishing your goals. We are incrementally “buying low and selling high” in response to, not in anticipation of, market movements.