Education Planning

Education Planning and College Fund Planning in Virginia

Paying for a costly college, graduate or private secondary school education is an eye-opening experience that leaves many wondering how they’ll afford the tuition. With proper college planning from Lynchburg-area HSC Wealth Advisors, you can relieve a future financial burden by saving now in a specially designated education fund.

As the premier and first provider of fee-only wealth management services, in the Lynchburg area, HSC Wealth Advisors offers independent, client-focused college fund planning services with a disciplined and diversified approach.

Lynchburg College Fund Services

Making an investment in the education of a loved one is a gift that will last a lifetime. Unfortunately, the cost of education — even at a state-financed school — frequently exceeds $100,000 and often $200,000 for a 4-year degree. Add in graduate school, in addition to the cost of private secondary school, and the cost of education can easily grow to nearly 1 million dollars.

Establishing and saving in an education fund can reduce the impact of costly tuition, room and board, and other common education expenses. When you establish a college fund with Lynchburg’s HSC Wealth Advisors, you can sleep at night knowing your best interests are our top priority.

A Diversified Portfolio to Complement Your Education Goals

The team at HSC Wealth Advisorshas one goal in mind: to recommend diversified, no-load and no-fee investments that match the needs of each client’s education goals. We never sell products pushed by sponsors that offer us commissions or compensation in exchange for business, because we believe that creates a conflict of interest. Instead, we choose to recommend the most cost-effective and tax-efficient investments that benefit our clients — not product sponsors.

We also believe that effective diversification keeps our clients’ portfolios more stable during times of market volatility. This helps clients preserve principle as well as gains, and it also affects how we balance the portfolio based on the age of the beneficiary. This is just one of the reasons that our clients stay with us through the ups and downs of multiple market cycles.

The HSC Wealth Advisors Team

HSC Wealth Advisors is proud of our team of financial advisors, which includes professionals with outstanding qualifications, diverse investment experience and a commitment to providing advice with integrity and objectivity. In addition to college fund planning, our services include wealth management, tax and estate planning, retirement planning, charitable giving advice and trust management planning. We’ll manage and grow your assets with your best interests in mind as you prepare your own legacy of wealth.

Let us customize an education planning fund for your loved one that will help you build the resources you need to furnish your future dreams.  Contact one of our representatives for more information today!