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WRITTEN BY thscwealth July 9, 2015
You have worked hard for the majority of your life.  Retirement is an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of your hard work.  We have the tools to help you design a legacy plan that will pass on your wealth according to your wishes and help you Sleep Well At Night.  You want a rewarding and purposeful life post-career, in which you retire to something rather than retiring from something. Read about a case here and give us a call today; we want to help.

Widows & Widowers

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When you experience a tragedy and lose someone you love, it becomes even more important to be surrounded by people you trust.  You need to link arms with an advisor who will remove financial stress from your life’s equation.  Read more about how we have helped others in similar circumstances here.

Young Professionals

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Quite often, advisory firms overlook you because you do not yet meet their asset minimums. But you have important financial needs now and can take advantage of this accumulation phase of your life.  We want to partner with you from an early stage to help guide you through life without taking uncharted detours.  You can be a supersaver, committed to saving and actively getting rid of debt.  There is no time too early to become financially responsible.  See an example of a supersaver we have worked with here.

Business owners

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Local business is the heartbeat of our community. You have invested your life into your business to provide a product or service to the public. Are you taking advantage of tax-saving strategies and maximizing your saving potential? We partner with many business owners and entrepreneurs who were initially unaware of the possible ways to save money. Read about a case here, and then call us to see for yourself what strategies we have up our sleeve to benefit your business.

Areva and B&W Employees

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Lynchburg is home to several large companies, including AREVA and Babcock & Wilcox. We have interacted personally with employees of these firms for many years and are familiar with their employment and retirement structure. You are an expert in your field and we are an expert in ours; contact us today to begin a profitable partnership.

University Professionals

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Our area is surrounded by universities and institutions devoted to higher education.  Liberty University, Lynchburg College, Central Virginia Community College, Randolph College, Sweetbriar College, Virginia Tech, James Madison University, and University of Virginia are a few of the campuses in close vicinity to our office.  As a faculty or administration professional, you work hard to train the next generation.  Let us help you plan for your future.

Doctors & Medical Professionals

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No one understands hard work and commitment better than you. Your long years of schooling and residency have shaped your perspective of money, and you want to maximize the potential of each dollar you earn. As a fiduciary, we have that same desire for you. We trust our physical well-being to you; trust your financial well-being to us. Contact us today.