Government Shutdown and Apple Cider

October 2, 2013

Written by Sandy Stuart

The political maneuvering on display in our nation’s capital is unfortunate but, as the CEO of PIMCO said last month, “As dysfunctional as Congress has become, lawmakers are unlikely to seriously derail the economy.” This (Monday) morning, the chief investment strategist at ING U.S. Investment Management stated that, “investors should use [the government shutdown] as an opportunity to get a full allocation to the markets.”

Using the government shutdown as an opportunity to get a full allocation to the markets is just another way of saying, “Buy low and sell high.” As Sandy pointed out recently, we can’t do that if everything is going in the same direction. So we need some turbulence. (

During times like this, it pays to maintain perspective and not get caught up in the hysteria being blared by CNBC and the media. Remain calm, think rationally and use history as a guide—all of which will always serve one well when investing.

We agree with our client who stated this (Monday) morning, “Sit on your cash and you’re just as likely to miss a good opportunity as you are to avoid a loss. Whatever does or doesn’t happen in the next few weeks is an insignificant blip on the long term picture.”

We couldn’t agree more. HSC will stay the course.

We stand in the bow of our investment vessel, plant our feet out wide and say, “Bring on the turbulence!” (Those new clients who have not yet been through a similar investment experience might want to take a sea-sick pill.) As always, if you find you are losing sleep over your investments, please come and see us, and we will be happy to show you how our investment methodology works over a cup of hot apple cider.


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