Our Fees

Transparency, accountability, and conflict-free advice.

Our fees are based on the amount of investment assets we manage and our services include not only investment management but unlimited advice and counsel surrounding all aspects of cash flow, tax, insurance, education and estate planning as well.

Currently, our services are most appropriate for clients with at least $300,000 of investment assets. 
Generally, our clients pay HSC Wealth Advisors no more than 1% per year.

HSC Wealth Advisors’ mission is to build long-term relationships that improve your life through astute and efficient stewardship of your financial resources. Our planning and investment counsel brings customized direction, clarity, and peace of mind to your life and legacy.

Our services may include financial planning, investment management, insurance planning, tax strategies, retirement planning and estate planning. We are a fee-only Wealth Management firm. We are compensated only by our clients and accept no commissions or compensation from any other sources. This approach eliminates conflicts of interest. You always know we are on your side. We don’t sell annuities, life insurance or any other product that pays a commission. We use exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and no-load, mutual funds. We have found that we provide the most value to the following types of clients:





These are individuals who save at a rate that will enable them to accumulate at least one million dollars within 15 years. Super savers are Gen X or Gen Y (or Millennial) clients who aggressively save money by contributing to IRAs, retirement plans and other investment accounts. They live well below their means and pay off debt very quickly. Our minimum fee is $250 per month.

Financial Planning

These individuals have accumulated $300,000 of investment assets and are seeking to partner with a firm that will help bring direction and clarity to their financial picture. Their lead advisor will work with them to develop a financial plan that covers all the financial planning topics and incorporates customized portfolio management.

Wealth Management

These individuals have accumulated $750,000 of investment assets and are seeking the resources of a team of financial planners that will build a customized financial plan and portfolio.  Because tax and estate planning is constantly evolving, special attention is directed toward preparing a plan that includes the maximum amount of tax efficiency and estate plan harmony.

At this time, we are not providing financial planning advise on a per hour basis. We do not charge by the hour. However, exceptions can and do exist. Current client relationships may exist where the fees are higher or lower than our published fee schedule. Click here if you would like a copy of our published fee schedule.